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Your Careers Page is Showing!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

A job you take to survive or a job that helps you thrive. Which one does your company offer?

Your careers page is one of the biggest online indicators of what your company culture is actually like and yet many just list job openings, with salary and medical benefits.

Candidates can get a paycheck and medical benefits at most jobs. 

Your careers page should stand out to job seekers. A standard bland, careers page is easily forgotten and skipped over for a more appealing opportunity.

Over the next five years, Corporate America will lose 30% of its workers and top-notch EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS will flock to top-notch companies with a well developed corporate culture.  

The best talent wants to work for companies with these key elements:

  1. Core Values (Companies with a social mission do better)

  2. Diversity & Inclusion

  3. Constant Innovation through Technology Integration

  4. Giving Back  (meaningful work where employees feel they can make a difference.)

  5. Relevant Rewards & Recognition programs (if you have an incentive program which all companies should, that needs to be on your careers page).

  6. Development and Training programs that help employees grow as a person and in their career.

Maybe you have developed your corporate culture, but you wouldn't know it from your careers page. If you don’t incorporate these winning elements, its time to innovate.

Drop a comment about how you implement these elements when developing your corporate culture?


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