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No -Vacation Nation!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

What is going on in corporate America?

  1. 768 Million Vacation days went unused in 2019

  2. 73% of employees are currently open to a new career opportunity

  3. 62% of people report burnout at work

  4. Nearly 39% of companies don’t survey their employees

  5. 27% of employees say that leadership does not take action on feedback

How Do Multi Channel Incentive Campaign Benefit companies?

Increase sales and profitability by 80%

  1. Improves employee and partner engagement by 74%

  2. Increases individual productivity by 71%

  3. Build better relationship between employees and management by 68%

  4. Enhances customer satisfaction by 60%

  5. Improved retention of employees by 67%

  6. Enhances training and knowledge by 39%


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