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The Power Trip

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Empowering experiences, next-level connections, out of this world activities and captivating content sessions, that's what our corporate sales incentive trips are all about.

You made the company’s president’s club trip, now what? What exactly are your employees earning for their efforts? Here's how to take it to the next level with our branded "power" trips.

Out of This World Activities:

Your incentive trip should primarily stay focused on building momentum around what happens on sight. Travel is all about what happens when you get there. Participants need experiences to look forward to and they all don’t want to have the same ones.

That’s why at Premier we offer an entire menu of personalized experiences and activities for participants to choose from as well as our top secret “premier moments”.

Our 2019 activities included dragon boat races, in-flight spa services, ice canoe racing, local cooking classes, artisan craft cocktail classes, hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, volcano hikes, workout sessions, and art by the sea.

Captivating Content Sessions:

Simon Sinek says, “people will be motivated when they understand the fundamental reasons “why” you do what you do.” With this in mind, we started inspiring content sessions built around championing the client’s goals.

Our sessions focused on testimonials of the core values of the company put into action with customers. When employees see how their career, colleagues, and company impacted others, it’s moving and impactful. The excitement in the sessions was magical.

We based additional employee rewards and recognition on video testimonies of their client’s success. Over 70% of employees felt acknowledged in a way they never had before in our 2019 events.

Empowering Experiences:

Each participant has the option of furthering their personal mission and corporate values by volunteering off-site from the power trip location. There is no greater team-building experience than to volunteer.

Over 76% of participants reported a feeling of doing impacting work and making a difference. Our clients reported a 30% increase in overall corporate volunteer participation after our 2019 events.

We made a global impact by volunteering at local schools, parks, animal shelters, beach clean-up days, renewable energy projects and fundraising.

How did it turn out? Our 2019 results are in:

1. Our clients increased their participant rate by 30%

2. Our clients reported a 32% increase in profits

3. 70% of participants left the power trip feeling rejuvenated, fulfilled and empowered to take their lives and careers to new levels

4. 60% of attendees reported feeling more connected to their colleagues and careers

5. 70% of participants felt the reward categories and levels matched the effort they made

We are continuing the magic in 2020 with our personalized approach in a diverse world that is constantly expanding.

At Premier we focus on crafting a power trip that enhances personal and professional development for the highest possible outcomes.

Let’s discover more together how we can empower your corporate trip. CLICK HERE

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