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The Mindset of the Future

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest. Coronavirus revealed a collective mindset of fear, lack, and scarcity that crippled the world. Some stated that the real pandemic is fear. No one would argue that this is a revolutionary time in history.

Moving forward with the same fear and lack mentality will yield the same results. Right now is the time to do more, not less.

The human mind usually returns to what it knows, to what it finds familiar, to what it finds safe. Unfortunately, growth often comes through struggle, not safety.

Characteristics of Lack & Fear Mentality

Lack mentality primarily reveals itself in people who want products, services, or expertise for cheap or free rather than a willingness to pay for quality, value, and expertise.

Lack and scarcity mentality is eager to purchase inexpensive products & services regardless of the impact of the materials on the body and the environment.  In addition, the mentality causes people to feel they are entitled to things they have not paid for or earned.

A lack mindset lives in fear of what competitors are doing and is critical or skeptical of others’ success. In positions of leadership, it shows up as employers who lead from ego and don't value their employees.

They barely pay a living wage and have high attrition rates. The necessary change is seen as an added expense instead of the bridge to the future.

Those who operate from lack and scarcity tend to hoard resources and have a strong dislike for change. Change must usually be forced on them reluctantly and they are the last to adapt as opposed to being at the forefront of leading-edge creation.

Those operating from fear & ego, attempt to do everything themselves instead of collaborating with others for the highest possible outcome.

If people attract what they are and are living in fear, lack, and scarcity, then they most likely will attract the same type of employees and customers, therefore making success a long complicated journey. Whatever success they do have, they will probably live in fear of losing it.  

The future world is a skilled world, where new skills emerge as fast as others become extinct, success is less about what you already know and more about what you are willing to learn.

The future is focused on a sense of community and caring for our environment. We will want to see our employment as our calling, as something that brings us alive. We will see increased collaboration between humans and machines on complex tasks.

Minds that are controlled by and operate from fear and ego

1.  Can’t be creative, or innovative

2.  Prohibits employers from hiring and collaborating with people who are smarter than them

3.  Force limitations that prohibit the highest possible outcome

It’s almost impossible to creatively operate or innovate from pain instead of power.


Extraordinary Leadership builds extraordinary companies that attract extraordinary people who have extraordinary experiences and that all starts with your mindset. The mind is the most precious commodity we have.

The Key Characteristics of The Future Mindset

  1. Creativity

  2. Empathy

  3. Imagination

  4. Intuition

A Mindset that Separates the Best from the Rest

  1. Sees challenges as opportunities

  2. Is committed to constant and never-ending improvement

  3. Live in a continuous state of growth

  4. Embraces technology

  5. Is Committed to helping create a better world

  6. Explores solutions for grand global challenges

How are you embracing the mindset of the future?


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