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Technology In The Experience Economy

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

You cannot have a meeting about business without talking about technology.

Technology can be used to speed up workflow processes, automate menial tasks, increase connectivity & communication, analyze data and offer storage solutions. Not to mention the many ways it helps create innovative experiences.

Tech can empower people to do more meaningful work. The experience we have with tech depends on how man uses it.

Robocalls are a great example of man's misuse of technology. They started out as a useful means of automating mundane tasks, like appointment confirmations, but then started being used in bulk to call millions of people.

When it comes to tech, we have to ask how can it make our product or service more meaningful for the consumer?

How can companies creatively integrate technology into a multi-channel incentive campaign to make it a better experience?

1. Offer Digital Currency

Instead of offering cash, you can reward salespeople with digital currency they can spend in an online rewards catalog with a broad range of items to choose from.

2. Collect Points

Let participants accrue points to put toward a personalized reward, from volunteer days, micro-travel experiences, merchandise, gift cards or a bonus. If they don't make the ultimate incentive reward like the sales trip, they still feel rewarded by using the points they've accrued.

Incorporate online training content to deliver automatic, online reward points to participants for on-going training completion.

3. Turn it Into a Game

Make the competition more involved by turning your program into a video game. Our tech generations have fun selecting an avatar, climbing levels and collecting badges while earning virtual rewards. Online platforms make the reward more relevant to a broad range of participants.

4. Take It Online

Taking your program online allows you to amplify its message. Digital tools make communication easier, and more effective to a multi-generational workforce. Organize multiple sales promotions for different products, keep communication channels open and collect information all in one place.


Tech Innovation Experiences We Love:

  • The museum of ice cream in New York

  • Holograms replacing circus animals

  • VR Arcades/Oculus Experiences

  • Fully immersive theater experiences

  • Atelier Des Lumieres in Paris

  • The Digital Art museum in Japan

  • Drone fireworks show

  • Robotic Farms


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