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Six Reasons you might be Displaced by Robots

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Technology is advancing, but our collective consciousness may not be keeping up. Look at the current situation with the Coronavirus where people are reacting from a place of fear and scarcity.

The situation has escalated, and people have lashed out on social media with hate, fear, lies, and name-calling while others have reacted by hoarding water, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer.

Our reaction to Covid-19 is a good indication of our attitude which seems to be “every man for himself.” Here are the top six signs of being displaced by technology.

1. Operating from fear.

The recent panic and fear of Coronavirus shows that a great number of the population have a very low awareness. In every state, stores are having to ration the number of items bought in response to extreme panic-hoarding that has upset supply chains.

It was reported that people bought five times more than they would buy during the Christmas holiday.

The media showed people flocking to one major retailer which caused impressionable consumers to flock to stores to hoard toilet paper and sanitizer. Within a week, people realized they overreacted and started to return their purchases.

It’s hard to be creative or productive when you are afraid and worry about surviving. Creativity, intuition, imagination, and empathy are traits that cannot be replaced by robots.

But it’s hard to foster and develop those traits when we operate from a place of fear and panic that hinders us from thinking clearly.

2. Poor work attendance and performance.

Robots and technology do not get sick. Fear and worry create stress. A stressed body is an acidic body and therefore, vulnerable to sickness, disease and a weakened immune system.

Robots won’t call in sick, need mental health days or need to stay home with children under the influence of fear, stress, anxiety, and sickness.

3. Failure to innovate, adapt or the “we’ve always done it that way” attitude.

Many are not open to expanding their consciousness and embracing change. Many of us don’t like change and want everything to stay the same. We are comfortable with small-minded thinking and don’t like those who challenge the way we think.

Constant learning and training are just seen as something we are forced to do but are not really engaged in; therefore, people go from job to job.

Employees/employers need to be open to new ways of thinking, new ways of learning or adding value to the company by thinking outside the box, not just going through the motions.

4. Mindlessly eliminating the need for humans.

We have single handedly eliminated the need for humans by building our life around online services & products.

We have put ourselves out of business by ordering everything online, booking travel with 3rd party platforms, and shopping in bulk instead of supporting local small businesses.

We eat at restaurant chains or worse, order prepared food loaded with preservatives that contain harmful substances which harm our body and the environment.

We have stopped depending on the “human touch” by using DIY tutorials, YouTube and the internet to assist with projects.

5. Focusing on DIY instead of hiring others for the highest possible outcome.

Instead of spending endless hours losing money trying to figure everything out on their own, professionals outsource. Successful people hire experts for the best possible outcome for their company and clients.

They stay focused on revenue operations instead of tasks that should be designated to trained professionals.

Companies are more focused on making money than on making a good product. Creativity does not happen in a vacuum and it’s important not to try to do everything in house.

6. Interaction with others.

Many people who are afraid of being displaced by technology are the actual cause themselves. Why? Instead of direct communication, we hide behind emails, voicemails, texting and virtual meetings.

Transacting and interacting online with 3rd party platforms, automated systems, and major online retailers to deliver goods and services, eliminates the need for human interaction.

Small businesses are disappearing because we want convenience without considering how it affects our country, our economy, our health or the environment. It’s time to start taking care of each other and the earth we live on.

Employees are increasingly not interacting with others at work, they don’t get along and prefer to function alone as opposed to functioning as an integral part of a team.

Robots and technology don’t have these kinds of problems and don’t let their emotions keep them from being productive.


People increasingly feel unsafe in this world and with each other. We don’t trust ourselves under pressure, so as a safeguard, we don’t even answer the phone or the door anymore.

Technology and algorithms know more about us then our friends, family, and spouses do because we have given it that power.

During a crisis, those who see opportunity and operate from creativity will not retreat into fear and isolation but will come out as the leaders that help humanity move forward.

Fear is the Currency of Control

You can be brave and strong and be part of the leading-edge creators that will usher humanity into a bright new future.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

We would love to hear your comments about the creative ways you helped or are helping others or witnessed others being creative during Covid-19. Thank you for your contribution.


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