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People Programs & The Employee Experience

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Extraordinary Leaders Build Extraordinary Companies that Attract Extraordinary People.

Your culture corporate and mission come alive through the employee experience.

Why should anyone work for your company?

Employees have become consumers of the workplace. New hires can afford to be choosy in today’s market, and more than half of current employees are actively seeking new opportunities.

Extraordinary people are drawn to companies where leaders invest in the overall employee experience through dynamic people programs.

People programs are designed to foster career development, build company culture, and promote general employee well-being.

The employee experience should be aligned with the corporate purpose, brand, and culture.

At their core, people programs are easily measured, monitored, and maintained. Companies cannot achieve hyper-growth without the proper engine.

According to Gallup

63% of employees believe that they could find a job as good as the one that they have

51% of employees are actively looking for a new position

73% of employees are open to a better position 

Elements of Our Premier People Programs

1. On-boarding

Employee on-boarding begins from the moment they visit your careers page. That’s why it’s essential to decide what elements of your culture to highlight upfront and on the corporate careers page to attract talent.

Map out a journey through painting a picture, success stories, and establishing possible career paths.

It takes approximately a year for employees to acclimate to their job and perform at a high level, but the reality is organizations experience a significant turn over of first-year employees.

They will lose approximately one-third to two-thirds of new hires within their first 12 months on the job, while senior positions often turn over within 18 months. 

Half of all hourly workers last just four months.

Starting with your careers page, we help companies onboard new hires with a culture-specific track with developed training curriculum, creative welcome kit, mentor-ship, and introduction to the corporate culture. Further, we establish rewards and recognition milestones that encourage an emotional connection.

2. Continued Education and Training Programs

For further and continued training, we collaborate with you to establish a sales library that compliments your corporate framework. We further leverage the power of your internal influencers in creating micro-content modules in which participants can earn points toward a menu of personalized rewards.

We cultivate an environment for teaching opportunities between employees where great conversation models, best practices development, and role-playing are facilitated.

We help you create a customizable portal where employees can find courses that identify and align with your company’s strategic goals and are rewarded for completing steps in their action plan.

3. Team Building Programs

Individuals accomplish more together. Our corporate incentive clients receive a complimentary monthly experience box to facilitate team building. 

Our kits include creative team-building experiences and exercises designed to bolster company culture, create stronger bonds, and guarantee a sense of purpose among colleagues. 

Further, we create a culture of success and giving back with quarterly philanthropic team-building challenges that bring your people together in a way like no other.

One of our most popular kits is a “thanks wall” mural where employees can thank and nominate fellow employees for a contribution to their learning and development on the job.

4. Rewards & Recognition Programs

Receiving recognition is a primary human need. We all desire to know that we make a difference and that our contribution matters. Rewards reflect exceptional leadership and the values of an organization at large.

Extraordinary leadership sees elaborate well-designed rewards and recognition programs as an investment in the future of their company. They understand that there is a major emotional difference between being recognized and rewarded. Rewards should not be forced or seen as a one size fits all program.

Our personalized menu allows for meaningful milestones and accomplishments to be acknowledged with personalized rewards that match the effort made.

 5. Sales Incentive Programs

Each employee needs to be offered creative opportunities to earn more than an hourly wage. We help companies develop multi-channels incentive campaigns that include...

·       Sales Momentum Program

·       Team Building Activities

·       Skill Share & Development

·       Technology Innovation

·       Creative Merchandise Rewards

·       Culturally Immersive Travel Experiences

·       Dynamic People Programs

·       Eco-Tourism

·       Inspirational Meetings & Incentives

·       Health & Wellness Programs

·       Voluntourism

·       Premier Moments

·       MotivAction

Our customizable app platform incorporates gamification for effective engagement of the sales incentive program. Our incentive trip programs are over the top, we call them “The Power Trip.” 

The power trip is all about empowering individuals to reach their highest potential for the highest possible outcome for themselves and the companies they work for.

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