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Millennial Influence on Incentive Programs

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Millennials see themselves as citizens of the world.

Consider these 5 Incentive Travel Trends that are popular with Millennials. We love Creative Insight and Fresh Ideas!

1. Emerging Destinations and Corporate Social Responsibility

When selecting destinations for incentive trips, “sun and fun” types of trips are slowly being replaced by trips that involve hard work, either in the form of CSR activities or extreme recreational activities.

Incentive planners hoping to cater to a Millennial audience can engage attendees with opportunities to explore the local geography and cultures while giving back.

2. Selecting Properties With a Purpose

It will continue to be important to ensure a property can accommodate your incentive group in terms of rooms and conference space. However, there is a growing expectation that the property will also delight and enrich the attendee.

Properties with new themes and amenities are abundant and many have a focus on priorities like connectivity and wellness. Overall, unique and locally adapted properties are typically welcomed by Millennials.

3. It All Comes Back to the Food & Beverage

Attendees of all ages have developed an expectation of having a local food and wine or a craft beer experience as part of an incentive trip.

Heightening the local focus and upping the level of sophistication around food and beverage can be a real winner for incentive events, especially for Millennials.

4. Engagement With Interactive Entertainment

It is no surprise that Millennials want to be stimulated, inspired, educated and engaged. Additionally, being born into the digital age, Millennials are accustomed to immediate gratification and have already seen and shared a lot of the new trends and popular gadgets. This leaves incentive planners with the challenge of trying to impress a worldly, savvy audience.

5. Updated Gifting

In the past, brand and labels might have been important to winners, but this generation of younger attendees prefers to choose their gifts at an amenity bar, often set up right at check-in. Companies can offer a wide range of choices, including anything from beverages and flowers for the room to custom goodies or on-site experiences.


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