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Marketing is Dead

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Traditional marketing is no longer working the way it has in the past. Things have changed! With more channels and outlets than ever to reach consumers, marketing and advertisers are incredibly overzealous and consumers are overwhelmed.

Traditional marketing tactics are obsolete as will be the business that fails to adapt to the disruption. Simply meeting expectations is not enough, expectations are constantly rising! Brands have to be all that and more. Be disrupted or be a disrupter! Be the change or have the change happen to you.

Sales and loyalty are now driven by how consumers can engage with a brand and its mission, not by its marketing tactics.

Welcome to the Experience Economy!


As an example, Disneyland was not built as a retail and marketing empire, it was created as an experience. An experience that leaves you feeling like you are in the happiest place on earth!

“Disneyland excelled as a marketing experience precisely because it wasn’t built to be one. It was built to be a place to experience stories that created incredible memories, that compelled guests to open their wallets and purchase goods that reminded them of their visit.

Their experience left them with such a great feeling, they wanted something to take with them to remember that feeling, and to share it with others.” D. Wardle

The Solution

Engage with consumers by first building an experience that adds value and resonates with your consumer, then build your retail to complement it. They will interact with your brand based on the quality of the experience (the feeling) you create.

Invite your customers into a narrative they can interact with. The memory, the feeling, that the experience creates is your new product or service.

Remember in general that consumers have enough stuff, they only invest in physical things that remind them of a story or experience they took part in.

For leading-edge companies, your future lies in setting the stage for experiences. Stop selling services and start selling experiences.

An experience is not an amorphous construct; it is as real an offering as any service, good, or commodity.” J. Pine

Experiences We Love:

  1. The museum of ice cream in New York

  2. Holograms replacing circus animals in Germany

  3. VR Arcades/Oculus Experiences

  4. Fully immersive theater experiences

  5. Atelier Des Lumieres in Paris

  6. The Digital Art Museum in Japan

  7. Drone fireworks show


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