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Jobs of The Future

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Will people want to go back to jobs after the Coronavirus lockdown is over or will a large majority of the workforce want to stay on unemployment and become part of the gig economy?

Will we see more entrepreneurs evolve from jobs that they hated and were finally forced to leave?

Right now, creative minds that are not hindered by fear are making plans to become leading-edge creators who build world-changing companies that will take us into a brighter future.

We are seeing the global collapse of processes and programs that don’t work in corporate America, the economy, the healthcare system, and the government as a whole.

In the post Cornoavirus era, how will companies attract and maintain top talent to guide them into the future?

Top talent is the difference between profit or loss.

Top talent possesses four characteristics that can’t be replaced by technology.

1.  Imagination

2.  Creativity

3.  Empathy

4.  Intuition

But most companies do not facilitate these traits, therefore; most people hate their job. A JOB pays the bills and is a means to an end esp. for hourly-paid employees. There is a complete disconnect from the company and the employee will take the next best offer. Half of all hourly workers only make it four months at a new job.

At jobs, people do rote tasks where they are not allowed to incorporate imagination and creativity; they just methodically do what they are told. Any extra contribution would not be recognized or rewarded so what’s the point?

Hourly Jobs:

1.Drive the wrong behavior

2. Make seat time more important than achievement

3. Do not attract or build a culture of talent

4. Are a morale killer for those who work harder and get paid the same

5. Do not build momentum as people are eager to clock off

At jobs, you’ll often hear comments like “that’s not on my pay grade” or “that’s not my job” “I’m not paid to think outside the box”.    

A CAREER is a step above a job; it is a path of growth and continued opportunity. A career is a place where one can learn, innovate, and be creative. Employees have managers that regularly help and facilitate an established career track.

People are more connected to careers and companies where they can see themselves in the future. Career-minded people are more on task and motivated to achieve while climbing the corporate ladder. They definitely will work harder if they perceive they will be acknowledged and rewarded for it.

For the highest possible outcome, employees need to see their career as their CALLING.

Not everyone is called to be an entrepreneur or desires that kind of life, but they want to be successful. The only way to help employees see their career as their calling is through a clearly defined corporate social mission and core values.

No matter what your product or service is, people are on board with and do business with companies that seek to make a global impact.

In other words, Extraordinary people want to be part of extraordinary companies that do extraordinary things. 

How does your company live out their values and social mission as a humanity plus company? Will your company remain a strict hourly paid company in the future? Please leave us a comment below!


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