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Is Hiring A Travel Agent Worth It?

Here are the most commonly asked questions when considering using a travel agent vs. booking online.

Will a travel agent save me money?

Travel agents have access to a variety of perks, promotions, and exclusive events. They can leverage the power of their industry relationships for the highest possible outcome. They can negotiate discounts, upgrades and throw in extra perks and benefits to your travel experience. Recently, we booked a honeymoon trip to Hawaii in which we secured a complimentary upgrade, champagne welcome, room gifts, and a free couple's massage at no extra cost to our clients. As a small business, we care about and appreciate our clients.

Do travel agents charge fees?

We do charge a marginal fee for all the planning and work involved for the highest possible outcome in your travel investment. Travel agents who say they work for free, typically are hiding discounts they receive from suppliers and then doing a markup as opposed to extending the savings to the client. Remember that no one works for free. Recently we charged a marginal planning fee for a honeymoon trip and then saved the client over $3k. If we hid that discount, we could have pocketed that savings and not extended it to the client. We offer complete transparency by charging a fee.

Is hiring a travel agent worth it?

Here are five reasons you should hire a travel advisor.

1. Knowledge and Expertise

2. VIP treatment

3. Extras and Bonuses

4. Best value and experiences

5. An advocate in case of an emergency

You can sort through endless options online and not be sure if you are getting the best value and experience. Planning a vacation is fun, but waiting on hold, suffering through endless email conversations, following up, and navigating through changes, cancellations, and details is stressful. Travel advisors take care of all that while you can focus on what really matters.

Why use a travel agent instead of booking online?

Travel agents can often beat the prices and service levels of online booking platforms like Expedia. Third parties are no match for the training and industry experience and expertise of travel agents. Travel agents not only save money but are a wealth of knowledge and help offer peace of mind when it comes to all things travel-related. We are detail-oriented, and we don't miss anything. Recently a client insisted on booking their own boat excursion as opposed to using our concierge service. They forgot to schedule hotel pick up and were an hour late for their excursion.

When to use a travel agent.

Travel agents are a great resource for high-end and complex trips. We specialize in Europe and more exotic locations like Bali, Singapore, and French Polynesia to name a few. Discerning clientele understands the importance of protecting their investments and often hire wealth managers, it's the same with your travel investment. Travel is the greatest life experience you can give yourself and those who matter to you. Travel professionals can help you achieve the highest possible outcome for the memories of a lifetime.

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