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How Millennials Travel

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Millennials are the dominant leaders in the workforce as well as the travel market. Retention is in everyone’s best interest. With your incentive programs leading the way, it's important to understand that millennials travel a little different.

1. They are known for traveling more in general,

2. They take shorter, incremental trips often referred to as "micro vacations"

3. They spend more money than any other generation

So it would go without saying that The incentive travel industry is changing as millennials infiltrate the workforce. Millennials identify with travel as a part of their identity to the point they call themselves” citizens of the world”.

They want to travel at least 3 or 4 times a year even if it’s just weekend trips. Connecting and taking time for work/life balance is an important part of their culture and outlook on life.

Millennials are putting off buying the fancy car, getting married later, and are in no hurry to get under a mortgage. Their American dream is much more experiential based. They prefer experiences that freedom can give them as opposed to being associated with major responsibilities like a home. They want experiences that involve hands on destination immersion as opposed to sightseeing and just observation.

Millennials are the travel trend setters and they want unique experiences that their social media friends and followers will love and be inspired by.

Millennials major purpose in traveling is to create the kind of memories that produce shareable content for their social media storyboard, not necessarily to focus on partying, drinking or shopping.

So we want to make sure they have experiences that are share and “like” worthy. That's why our new incentive programs at Premier execute the right combination of all the components millennials are looking for.


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