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People Programs In The Experience Economy

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Over 70% of Employees do not feel appreciated at work.

Employee appreciation day is the first Friday in March. When you live with an attitude of gratitude, you understand that every day is employee appreciation day.

They are what make you and your company a success. Your people are your brand and investing in their happiness is everything. Remember that acknowledgment and rewarding are two different things.

Over 73% of people are open to new job opportunities.

How can employers decrease attrition rates by helping their people feel appreciated at work?

1. Give volunteer time or award time off

Companies with social missions tend to do better business. Employees want to feel like they do meaningful work and that they are making a difference.

2. Team building activity

Individuals accomplish more together. Build a sense of connection and comradery with a fun team activity in the office or at a local venue like an escape room, local cooking class or VR arcade.

Premier Travel Group Inc. corporate clients of 100 participants or more receive a fun monthly team-building office kit and coupons to local experience venues

3. Host a catered in appreciation lunch or happy hour

Ditch the pizza party, employees don't feel rewarded by food, UNLESS you can make it a fun experience by having a chef demonstrated catered lunch in or a fun happy hour at a local craft brewery. You'll love our table trivia game as an added fun bonus.

4. Choose from our menu of personalized experiences

Let your employees choose the experience that is most meaningful to them with our menu of experiences. Experiential rewards are the most effective way to show your people that you value their contribution and that they matter. How about dinner at a Michelin star restaurant with the boss?

5. Use the App "thnks" to digitally send rewards to remote employees

We've been using the "thnks" app for a few years now to send coffee for a week, a thanks a latte, Grub Hub certificates, and many other rewards right from your phone.

6. Give a travel gift card

All corporate clients of Premier Travel Group Inc. receive complimentary $100 travel gift cards to give employees for employee appreciation day or as part of their "power trip" swag mailer.

7. Offer a peer to peer recognition tool

We received a lot of great feedback on our "wall of thanks" last year. It's one of the monthly kits we send for peer to peer recognition. Let employees acknowledge and give a shout out to someone who trained them or made an impact on the job.

Employee Appreciation is all about empowering your people to do things they didn't think they could. People who feel appreciated will do far more than is expected of them by a staggering 70%.

Click Here to learn more about building a culture of support, collaboration, and achievement through multi-channel incentive campaigns in the experience economy.

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