• mhoffmanpremier


Updated: Jul 31

One of the first questions I ask when qualifying a client is Do you believe in outsourcing and automation or DIY?

If they say DIY then that's a key indication they are probably not a good candidate for my services or products.

We live in a DIY nation and it's easy to get any information we want online. Doing everything in house and figuring everything out on your own is a mistake. Why?

1. You should be consulting with experts and thought leaders in a particular field for the best possible outcome.

2. DIY prevents you from networking, making key connections & alliances for your business

3. The 80/20 rule You are wasting time and focusing on the wrong things....You need to be focusing on the 20% of things that generate revenue and outsourcing the rest

4. Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum. A company seeking to achieve true scale needs to seek innovation beyond its own four walls and tap into the entire universe of knowledge and creativity out there

It's one thing to research how to do something, it's another to implement and execute it properly. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and cannot be all things to all people. Know when to hire the experts for the best possible outcomes. When we do EVERYTHING ourselves, NOTHING gets done well.



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