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Destination Asia

Updated: Mar 23

The Perfect Multi-City Journey

Japan, a timeless place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life!

Bundle your trip with a business class flight, luxury accommodations, airport & rail transfers, and private concierge service.

Tokyo Business Class from $1460

Multi-City Business Class from $2900

Things to Do in Tokyo:

The capital of Japan is a mixture of ultramodern neon-lit skyscrapers and traditional historic temples.

1. Dine at the Ramen Museum (come hungry)

2. Eat a White Japanese Strawberry

3. See the Cherry Blossoms (seasonal)

4. Witness A Sumo Wrestling Championship

Things to Do in Kyoto

Kyoto is famous for its Buddhist temples, imperial palaces, kaiseki dining and geisha dancers.

1. Wander through the Fushimi Inaritaisha Shrine

2. Take a night walk in Gion, Kyoto’s Geisha District

3. Attend a Tea Ceremony

4. Visit the Kinkakuji Temple

Things to Do in Osaka:

Osaka is known for its modern architecture, nightlife, hearty street food and its 16th-century castle.

1. Visit Osaka-Jo

2. Take a Sushi Making class

3. Indulge in street food

4. Visit Universal Studios Japan

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