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Creative Incentives for Employees

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

With many President’s Club trips and incentive travel programs on hold for the time-being, the pressure is on to produce an over the top program in 2021. Here are some of the essential program elements to include in top employee recognition programs for the highest possible outcome in performance and profits.


Software companies that are “hacking” travel with employee recognition software do not know travel nor are many of them licensed to sell it. While travel agencies are missing the mark in technology integration, we have combined travel and tech in an online platform that allows participants to select their own rewards.

We’ve also integrated point accrual and gamification to engage a multi-generational workforce. Cheap dinosaur programs with no employee appreciation software, are becoming extinct.


Millennials call themselves the purpose generation that wants to work for companies with core values and a solid social mission.

Volunteering while on incentive trips allows for a special type of bonding, unlike any other team-building experience.

From volunteering at local schools, shelters, and other foundations every travel program has a local volunteer opportunity available through our preferred partners for travel with a purpose.


Last year we had the opportunity to facilitate unique photos ops and off-site video shootings for influencers and social media personalities. Social media proof validates the trip for your influencers and those who want the recognition of their peers.

We sourced foodie, adventure, sports, and local themed venues at the beautiful destinations we visited to create video & photo-shoot opportunities. It was a big hit with over 30% participant involvement.


We have an entire article on forced rewards. Rewards where the individuals were not involved in the selection, but rather it was forced upon them.

These rewards are often not meaningful and are simply seen as recognition and not a reward. Rewards should feel rewarding which means the participant should be given a choice.

Our app or online platform offers a personalized menu for a more individualized experience. The platform makes it easy for companies to recognize milestones and outstanding accomplishments with rewards that match the effort and achievement made.

One size fits all rewards programs are a thing of the past.


We love creative incentives for employees. Last year we had the opportunity to take a select few of top earners on a unique local excursion to soar over land and sea through virtual drone experiences.

Each day participants will choose from a menu of activities from culinary, sports, spa, wellness, and adventure themes.

A few examples of our on-site program activities in 2021 are, snow yoga in the Swiss Alps, hiking volcanoes in Hawaii, Dragon boat races in Singapore, and flying over the rain forest in Costa Rica.


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