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Creative Ideas and Strategic Insight For 2020 Incentives!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

What's new for 2020 incentive programs?

Its Q4, the final race to the finish line for your participants to qualify. For 2020 incentive programs, we remain focused on experiential travel with personalized experiences and social good. In other words, programs that will empower and inspire the current and future generations of workforce talent. In addition, here are a few highlights we’re adding to our 2020 programs.

The right recognition tools are key to attracting and retaining employees. Invest in those who make your company a success. Companies with strong recognition programs enjoy increased productivity, lower job turnover, and greater returns on investment than other companies in the same industries.

Low performing programs don't have an actual process in place in order to help even the lowest performing employee to qualify for the trip. This year take your company incentive program from good to great, your participants will be raving fans.


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