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All Inclusive vs. Al La Carte

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

All Inclusive Vs Al La Carte

Experience More!

Companies are cutting their incentive travel budgets due to programs that are no longer as effective and motivating as they once were. Consider what kind of experiences you are offering.

Choosing all-inclusive resorts for corporate incentive trips year after year really limits your destination choices to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama.

Some corporate programs go to the same destination year after year and unless there is a lot of employee turnover, these types of programs quickly become non-engaging.

Using cruises as an alternative for an all inclusive trip presents it’s own set of challenges with added expenses for drink packages, WIFI packages, excursions, and other added expenses not to mention small rooms.

Participants report that all inclusive food made in bulk is not as appetizing as an a la carte menu, local cuisine or local craft beer would be.

Attitudes like "Well we’ve always done it that way." "We’ve always gone to all inclusive" can be detrimental to your program, and overall your bottom line. Take a look at your current program, the proof is in the numbers, numbers don’t lie?

  • Is your participant number growing year after year?

  • Is your sales program getting bigger and better every year?

  • Are you attracting and maintaining top notch talent ?

  • Does your program lead the way in attracting your talent?

So the question is will the participants be on board with an a la carte destination. Will corporate budget have to increase?

Will a participant be more motivated by a trip to Rome or Barcelona if they had to buy some of their meals and alcohol yet have an entire new world of experiences and opportunities to engage with culture?

You would be surprised at how many people, especially millennials, are willing to spend some of their own money for meals to have a variety of cultural rich destinations like Hawaii, Europe, South America, and Africa.

Remember the experience industry is alive and well, experiences are so important to millennials that it’s said they would be willing to go into debt. At Premier Travel Group we are focused on experiences not just trips. Experiences Change Lives!


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